"Your body is your temple. Keep it strong, clean and healthy for the soul to reside in."

Hello! I was born in Siberia, Russia where, from a very early age, I showed great interest in sporting activities. I always loved climbing trees, jumping and running. My mum tells me that it was very challenging for her to keep up with my energy levels.

In my travels around the world, I’ve come to understand that for women to be totally happy, we need to feel good and connected with our body. The relationship with our body is so important. It gives us recognition, vitality, confidence and energy.

It’s very difficult for many girls to obtain the right fitness advice. We need guidance and support to maintain motivation and get the results we’re after. And some personal trainers just don’t listen to you.

With this in mind, I started my own company: Train with Mila!

Train with Mila means I’m right by your side. Supporting you. Guiding you with practical exercises. Workouts that take less than 30 minutes a day!

Train with Mila will help you achieve your ideal body, greater confidence and happiness.

My Fitness and Yoga Guide gives you an incredible and life-changing fitness plan.

  • Effective exercises
  • Proven results
  • Helpful nutrition plan
  • And much more!

Mila’s Fitness and Yoga Guide gives busy women the chance to embrace fitness.

Director, Train with Mila

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