Get real results with Mila
Inga @ingalinalin

There is a way to get fit and enjoy the result! I am so grateful to Mila for supporting and advising me. I confess that I had lots of delicious treats and sweets during the time while I was training 😣I understand that the result could be even better, but this is incomparable! My body is fit and tight💪 I feel better and I'm not ashamed to wear my bikini. Mila, thank you very much for your wonderful training program, which helped me to become confident and enjoy my body! I definitely want to continue training with Mila The next target is six pack! 


Marina says: "In 8 weeks of training with your program, I’ve dropped 9 kg, and it wasn’t difficult at all. Thank you so much Mila:)
Yes, everyone noticed 😃! Of course I still have to work on my body, but the result is already inspiring!
I tried to always eat good wholesome food, but sometimes I cheated with sweets and pastries. On those days I did a little extra cardio. Your program is super cool, thank you so much Mila! 😃"

Maria @margomaria

During these 4 weeks I lost 5 kg😃. I had many difficult moments such as - the very first training sessions, the interval running that I didn't really like, the lack of sweets I used to enjoy before bed:)). Now, these problems seem so small and unimportant to me, so I'm just laughing 😂. Since my first workout I understood clearly one thing - You can get use to anything same as get rid of any of your bad habits! For Instance, you can get used to working out every day, get used to not eating unhealthy food etc. It all depends on your perseverance and great Desire🙏🏻 My 4 week journey with Mila's "1 month Instant Result Fitness guide" is over, but I continue training this morning. I chose the toughest workouts of the month, last week for example. Mila's 4th week is the toughest of all😰. But I'll manage, although along with some swearing words💪😬 Right now I'm just at the beginning of my journey! Thanks Mila, it was very cool! 

Larisa @lorjik

 "Thank you Mila for your awesome guide. I thought that I didn’t have enough willpower to change my life and my body, but now I see the result, and it makes me so happy! When I touch my face, I feel that my cheeks are gone, and my old dresses and jeans fit perfectly. I feel very satisfied and energized after every workout session, thank you!💪🏻 I’m definitely going to repeat these 4 weeks of training again!».